Spanish Peaks Alliance for Wildfire Protection
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The Spring Creek Fire Burned a Total of 108,045 Acres Wildfires in Colorado happen every year Wildfires Impact Our Lives and Our Livelihood! Help Us Protect Our Beautiful Spanish Peak Area Our Wildlife Depends on Us!

Spanish Peaks Alliance for Wildfire Protection

Minimizing the Wildfire Impact on Wildlife, Families & Properties in the Spanish Peak Area

In 2013 the East Peak Fire burned a total of 13,572 acres (54.92 square kilometers) and 9 structures and 4 out-buildings had been destroyed. The entire town of Walsenburg was placed under pre-evacuation status.

When the Spring Creek Fire hit the Spanish Peak Area in 2018, it burned a total of 108,045 acres (437 square kilometers) and was the third-largest wildfire in Colorado history. The fire destroyed 140 buildings and made massive damage to the area and properties, not to mention the emotional impact it had on everyone in the area.

Wildfires happens every year in Colorado and how big an impact the fires will have, largely depends on how prepared we are to combat the wildfires and what we have done to minimize the fire danger. It is not a question of if it will happen again, but rather when it will happen, and SPAWP has been formed to prepare the Spanish Peak region communities how to best handle these destructive events.

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When Communities Unite, Everybody Wins

When Communities Unite, Everybody Wins