Spanish Peaks Alliance for Wildfire Protection

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Neighborhood Ambassador Leader Role

Neighborhood Ambassador:  this individual is the neighborhood wildfire protection team leader – and the glue that holds the community-based fire protection efforts together! 

Specific Ambassador tasks for the 2024 Pilot program include:

Step 1:  Meet with the Southern Colorado Ambassador Coordinator (Dawn Lervik and/or Ed Carlson) and learn about the Ambassador role – benefits and expectations (15-30 min virtual meeting)


Step 2: Think about it! We hope that you agree to become a Neighborhood Ambassador! Sign the SPAWP-ARWC Ambassador Commitment form and return it to the Ambassador Coordinator.

  • Already familiar with Wildfire Preparedness concepts?
    • Yes! Then consider becoming a mentor for a new less experienced Neighborhood Ambassador!
    • No? Then review the available training material links below
Step 3: View the 2024 Ambassador Training session recordings (6 modules at 2 hrs each – some topics are optional for experienced Firewise Leads) 
  • Recommended for those new to neighborhood leadership in wildfire preparedness – or those interested in brushing up on the topics!  See lower on this page for training module descriptions.
  • The 2024 live training completed at the end of March. However, you can still view the recorded training session links at the Ambassador Resources webpage. Contact your local coordinator ( for the access pin.
  • Interested in brushing up on the wildfire readiness concepts?  See the online Self-help Education links below!

Step 4:  Participate in monthly Ambassador planning meetings (1 hr Zoom meetings, March – October 2024), hosted by the Southern Colorado Ambassador Coordinator co-leads.

  • Network with fellow Neighborhood Ambassadors and guest speakers!
  • Share your successes and challenges!
  • Learn from professional wildfire expert guest speakers!
  • Learn more about available resources (e.g. grants, chipper access, slash pile access, team training opportunities, etc)

Note: We plan to have at least 1 meeting available in a live forum, summer 2024 – stay tuned!

Step 5:  Plan and execute community work days/projects

  • Are you already a Firewise-USA community or working toward Firewise certification?
    • Yes! Then the Neighborhood Ambassador Program leverages wildfire preparedness work your community is already doing!
    • No?  Then the Neighborhood Ambassador Program will can provide mentoring and guidance to get started!

Step 6: Log volunteer hours regularly; work with sponsoring organization to track metrics

Neighborhood Ambassador Training Options

FACO hosted Ambassador Workshop (via Zoom)

FACO is hosting a Neighborhood Ambassador Training virtual training course every Wednesday evening, Feb.21-Mar.27, 2024. Contact your Ambassador Coordinator ( for access to the recordings.

Topics include:

  • Module 1: Basics of Fire Behavior – Completed 2/21/2024 
  • Module 2: The Home Ignition Zone & Structural Ignitability – Completed 2/28/2024
  • Module 3: Colorado fuels and vegetation management – Completed 3/6/2024
  • Module 4: Household & Community readiness – Completed 3/13/2024
  • Module 5: Planning community events – Completed 3/20/2024
  • Module 6: The human aspects of moving neighbors to action – Completed 3/27/2024

Self-Help education available on line

There is a wide variety of online information about the topics above.  Below are links to some of our favorites:

Get Ready!

Get Set!

More Education material: