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Previous Projects for Fire Mitigation & Recovery

Previous Projects for Fire Mitigation & Recovery

SPAWP is a Fundraising Source Charity and a Conduit in applying for Reimbursement Grants matching fire mitigation or land recovery expense project receipts for private property owners and public projects. SPAWP does not custodian the awarded State or Federal Grant dollars in advance to disperse.

SPAWP Provides ARWC Letter of Support Letter of Support for ARWC Arkansas River Watershed Collaborative Projects by SPAWP

Before SPAWP mitigation effort


SPAWP's Board of Directors Team successfully negotiated a large landowner to invest in mitigating their own property to protect the surrounding community in reducing fire risks. This project helps the forest become healthier by thinning the trees to conserve water and give the wildlife a better environment. Some of the trees removed were re-located to help a neighboring county with a river erosion prevention project.

Anytime private land is properly mitigated it creates more value for them and everyone around them! Thanks to SPAWP's Grant submission for landowners, Partial reimbursement for this project cost was from Colorado State Forest Service.

After SPAWP mitigation effort


Special thank you to:

SPAWP Provides ARWC Letter of Support Letter of Support for ARWC Arkansas River Watershed Collaborative Projects by SPAWP

SPAWP (Spanish Peaks Alliance for Wildfire Prevention) writes letter of support for ARWC (Arkansas River Watershed Collaborative) which is a hub for community driven fire mitigation, forest health, watershed flow, water quality, stream restoration and post fire collaborative efforts, with a focus on prevention of the destruction of key watershed that supplies Communities with thousands of Family Homes, Business’s, Military Bases, Pipeline Associations, City Municipalities, irrigation for Ranch and Farming Agriculture. Also important to commerce and preservation is one of the Nation’s most scenic and visited Lakes on the renowned “Highway of Legends” scenic southern Colorado Hwy 12, which runs through the San Isabelle National Forest. ARWC has been very successful in completing rehabilitation reclamation projects and will be a key Organization and could further support Wildfire mitigation through shaded fuel break and similar types of projects before fire occurs.

This is a fantastic collaborative SPAWP is supportive of between ARWC and the USFS/USDA San Carlos Ranger District (San Carlos RD) of the Pike/San Isabel National Forests & Cimarron/Comanche National Grasslands together Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project reducing Wildfire damage, supporting healthy fire-resistant trees by reducing the unhealthy tree population overgrowth and ground fuels mitigation. Post-wildfire floods destroy critically dependent (rivers/creeks) watershed that would be deployed by sediment flow after a wildfire event. Fuel reduction on Federal Lands is a valuable important alignment which also helps SPAWP maximize the treatment projects on private land mitigation projects. When rain comes down over a burn scar, these barren slopes allow the rainwater to move exponentially downhill creating massive land, rock and debris down the mountainsides. The highly erosive materials found in our region further complicate problems with flooding and sediments damaging our fresh water supply for humanity and wildlife habitat.

The Arkansas River Basin Supplies has experienced the damage of wildfires Hayden Pass Fire, Spring Fire and Decker Fire. Chaffee, Las Animas and Huerfano Counties depend on watershed supply for survival, if they lose their watershed supply, this would literally create abandoned communities where there are currently vibrant economically sustainable communities and visitors from all over the world. ARWC and SPAWP strive to facilitate in building stronger partnerships throughout the adjoining Counties as these projects protect water shed by increasing the health of the Ponderosa Based Forests into healthy sustainable lands by decreasing the dense overgrowth population of trees and ground growth that are over competing for water resources.

This project reduces risks to assets, loss of Human lives and Wildlife as well as creates work employment for Contractors. Supporting ARWC efforts to seek funding from the National Forest Foundation.

AIM / / Huerfano County SPAWP - Red Hill Shaded Fuel-Break Mitigation Demonstration Area

SPAWP (Spanish Peaks Alliance for Wildfire Prevention) Board Members and Volunteers raised donation funds to contribute as well as headed and coordinated collaborative efforts with Huerfano County, with Private Land Owners and local Forestry Mgmt Contractors. The appreciation and gratitude for the proactive efforts and programs managed that COCO and Huerfano County provided additional supporting funds to our community in making the AIM Redhill Demo Project possible.

The collaboration created a demonstration area that shows the public how reducing overcrowded trees, bushes and other overgrown forest fire burning fuels within the CSFS Standards and guidelines of “Shaded Fuel Breaks”. Reducing fire hazards, by completing an expanded area and show the public what shaded Fuel Break projects look like and contribute to healthy forest environments. This will also support further community education in our region Proactivity is key, we look forward to showing the community the area that was completed with pride and continue many future projects together with your valuable organization.

This project reduces risks to assets, loss of Human lives and Wildlife as well as creates work employment for Contractors.

AIM-Red Hill Project

Before fuel break mitigation


After fuel break mitigation


The AIM-Red Hill Project entailed shaded fuel break mitigation of approximately 14 acres along Colorado State Highway 12 beginning just north of Red Hill and extending south past, and including, the entrance to the Pine Haven subdivision. Funding for this work came from the Action and Implementation for Mitigation (AIM) program, offered through Coalitions and Collaboratives (COCO). It was facilitated with help from the County, publicly donated monies and volunteer hours for the matching portion of the $3,500 provided by SPAWP.

2019 CSFS Forest Restoration and Wildfire Risk Mitigation

SPAWP received another grant on March 16th from the Colorado State Forest Service. The $63,092 awarded is a reimbursement/matching grant under their Forest Restoration and Wildfire Risk Mitigation (FRWRM) program. The funds help to further reduce heavy wildland fuel loads of dead and decaying trees, trees too close to buildings and roads, lower tree limbs or ladder fuel and brush.